Saturday, 19 January 2019

Canary Wharf Winter Lights | Retouch Revelation

Every January, Canary Wharf plays host to a whole bunch of interactive light installations. This is usually the time that my good friend Angelina comes back to London after spending Christmas and New Years in her motherland country, so we tend to brave the cold together and head over to canary wharf to enjoy installations, but more importantly - it's the perfect opportunity for us to take some cute pics together!

Our favourite was Submergence by Squidsoup (we took over 300 photos)... and it was obvious that this was a popular installation this year as there were so many people in the midst of it all, I don't blame them for falling in love with this mesmerising display but I do blame them for getting in my shot!

Don't lie, we've all been there where we take a bunch of photos, finally find one we're happy with and there's an annoying random head poking over yours. Most normal people would just del with it or chose a different photo but not me, I like to fulfil my photoshop cravings and get rid of them. Can you spot the difference in the photos below?

Watch the video you're interested in watching the process.

Of course this was all just a bit of fun and I definitely do not have the time to do this to ALL of my photos! I hope you enjoy this post and found it interesting or insightful.

It's truly amazing what can be done with a bit of photoshop - don't believe everything you see!

Grace x

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

The Creative Mind | Retouch Revelation

This photo is very much like my mind - a little bit imperfect but full of imagination! I often feel like my mind has a million creative ideas going on all at the same time, almost like there are a bunch of mini me's running around, each one trying to work out how to bring each idea to life. 

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Grace x

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Friday, 11 January 2019

Europe's 1st Traditional Hindu Temple! | Explore

Who would have thought that London is home to this breath taking traditional Hindu Temple, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (aka Neasden Temple)!

Neasden Temple has popped up a few times on my Instagram feed, a few "Places you didn't know existed in London" lists, recommended on Time Out and other similar platforms and every time I come across it, a little part of me just never believed that this is in fact in London... so I had to take a trip over there and take a look for myself.

The Mandir

The Mandir is the most eye-catching and undoubtedly the most instagrammable part of the temple, however it is still a place of worship and no photographs were allowed to be taken inside (understandably). You can take photos outside of the Temple but I would not recommend going there with the intention of having a photoshoot or producing stuff for the socials...

Whilst there, you can take a break from the busy London world as it is extremely peaceful and quiet there (at least it was when it's a rainy day in September), and there are also mini talks so you could also learn a little about Hinduism. I'm personally not a religious person but I did find the history and rituals quite interesting as it is not what I'm accustomed to.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a peaceful day out in London. Click here to learn more about this magnificent place!

Grace x

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Year New Projects | Retouch Revelation

In case you didn't not know, it's 2019 everyone! A brand new year for brand new opportunities and in my case, a bunch of new projects and goals to look forward to. 2018 was a year to focus on real life (as opposed to the digital one). It was a year of healing, learning and growing. I was so focused on juggling life and mostly just getting the hang of this "adulting" thing that my creativity and photography took a back seat. This year, I have decided to produce more personal projects to keep me motivated. I've always found our relationship with photos (particularly in the media) fascinating - as we often look at photos and believe that it's telling the truth when in reality, a lot of hours and a lot of money would have been spent on styling, hair, make up, location scouting... plus a production team (professional photographers, directors, lighting & tech guys, etc), the undeniably beautiful supermodels, and lastly - the post-production team all involved to create a perfect illusion of reality. So I do often find myself wondering why we are so quick to believe that what we see in advertising is the truth?

As such, I decided to share my post production process to show everyone that if I, one person who taught herself how to photoshop whilst at university, can alter a photograph and change it's "truth", then just imagine what a whole team of professionals can do.

Food for thought as they say...

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Grace x

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Spring accessory must have - JORD Wood Watch | Grace Lee London | Brands

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying the Easter bank holiday! I'm about to make it a little more exciting as I have teamed up with JORD watches to host a giveaway for you all!

JORD watches specialises in beautifully unique wooden watches that goes with every outfit! Their watches are the perfect spring accessory to add an edge to your look. JORD watches cleverly married a traditional material with modern day technology. So aside from their timeless watches, you can also get your hands on a wooden apple watch strap that is sure to be a conversation starter.

I personally love wearing this watch with the humble jeans and t-shirt since it's such an eye catching piece but the great thing about this watch is that you can dress it up or down depending on your mood of the day.

Men's Watches | Women's Watches

I know this watch is a little like marmite, you either love it or love it for someone else's wrist. Well if this is the case then you are in luck, cause you can get this watch for that special someone and have it engraved with a personalised message!

The watches come in a gorgeous wooden box so that you can keep your watch safe when it's not on your wrist. The watch also comes with spare parts which is particularly handy if you decide to buy this watch for a friend!

If want to get your hands on one of JORD watches wooden watches, or even their wooden wrist accessories then make sure you enter my giveaway here or head to the website to purchase your very own here.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post. Check out all the links below and follow JORD watches on Instagram (@jordwatches).

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